Saturday, October 6, 2007

Scarf in Progress

After much swatching and several false starts, this is my progress on the scarf for my husband. I'm knitting it in the round with slip stitch fold lines (you can see one column of them to the far left), using the Mock Aran Marriage Lines stitch in The Complete Book of Traditional Aran Knitting by Shelagh Hollingworth. (I bought that book at a local used book store--what a find!!) The yarn is Malabrigo, sooooooo soft. I'm aiming to have it done in time for Christmas, which shouldn't be a problem, even as I work on this around other projects.

I've been listening to the first book while I knit in the evenings (around various sporting events, namely the Boston Red Sox in the playoffs and the New England Patriots). I'm really enjoying knitting and listening, in my own little cocoon. This morning the cats woke us up around 4 and I couldn't get back to sleep. I'm not normally a morning person, but I finally gave up, went to my knitting chair, listened to Anne and knit. What a nice way to start my day before the children woke up clamoring.


Susan C said...

What beautiful yarn! The scarf is going to turn out really nice. I have to say I enjoy the early morning. I'm not a night person so I'm often awake before the rest of the family. I enjoy the peace & quiet.

amy said...

Thanks! I like to stay up late knitting, too, but somehow it wasn't as peaceful as the early morning.

Natasha Laity Snyder said...

listening to Anne sounds divine. Where did you manage to find it? I'm going to Audible right now. I can't think of anything more relaxing than knitting and listening to an audiobook. Your scarf is beautiful! I wish someone around here carried Malabrigo so I could meet it in person.

amy said...

Natasha, I found it through my state's library website--I'm in RI--and I can't figure out what the external link might be. Obviously they're hooked into some system, but I don't know what. However, I'm betting other libraries do the same thing. I just needed my library card number to download it.

This link was posted in the Ravelry forum. Those are free, too.

Have you checked Malabrigo's store locater? I don't know where in Virginia you are, but here's the link.