Friday, October 5, 2007

Marisol's Amethyst Shawl

Hello there everyone,

I have been scratching my head for a couple of weeks thinking about what I should knit for this KAL... Finally, it came to me:) As I was reading the back and forth drama about Marilla's best shawl and her (missing) Amethyst Brooch... It hit me! I had the perfect shade of Purple Sundara yarn in Aran Silky Merino. I can't recall the color at the moment but it is one of her semi solid non repeatable colorways. Anyhow, I decided to knit a Shetland Triangle Shawl in this beutiful shade:

I am about 3 1/2 repeats into my Shetland Triangle shawl from Wrap Style.
So there you have it... Instead of Marilla's best Shawl and Amethyst pin... I am going for "An Amethyst Shawl and my best Heirloom Pin"
TaTa for now.... Back later with further progress. Now if I could only keep up with the reading! Thats a lot of books:)


heather t said...

Brilliant idea! That is beautiful yarn (I love purple).

Marisol said...

Thanks! I Love Sundara's yarn!

Lynn said...

I think it's so funny how we are knitting with the same idea in mind!!! LOL Gorgeous yarn and that shawl is looking beautiful!!

amy said...

I think that's a great idea! Beautiful color.

Susan C said...

You've chosen a beautiful color yarn. The shawl will turn out really nice.