Sunday, October 21, 2007

My project

I am finished with the first book and half way through the second one. I have been working on a pattern I purchased through Annie Attic from Lisa Knits it is called a Reader's Wrap. It is a shawl with pockets and I am making it as a Christmas gift for my sister. I'll take a picture and post it soon. Since Anne liked to read and so do my sister and I thought this would be a good project to do for the kal. How is everyone else coming along? I've also ordered the dvd's of Anne of Green Gables and I am also looking forward to watching them again.



teabird said...

That sounds like a perfect project for Anne! I'm eager to see it.

Susan C said...

Sounds like a great project. I'm often found with a blanket around me when I'm reading books. A shawl with pockets sounds nice.

meg said...

I, too, like the sound of your project- I wrap up when I read :)
I've finished the first two books (& chomping to start the third, but I'll wait) & finished construction on the muff I'm making- all that's left is to felt it (I hope it turns out as cute as the photo :P)