Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I for one would love to see everyone’s progress! Please feel free to log in and let us know what your thinking about and please please please do share your photos of knitting projects in progress. I think that’s the fun of it.
Then we can fully appreciate everyone’s work :)


suze said...

Late last night I went through my stuff and have decided to finish a blanket before the Australian summer makes this impossible. It is my cotton warp thing I guess. I also need to finish some socks.

I also need to learn more about how this works as I am so computer illiterate.


Deb W said...

I agree . . . works in progress keep me motivated and is so much fun to see others are doing.

Paula said...

I am already 1/4 the way through the book and I forgot how soothing to the soul Anne is.
I have already gone through my stash and have an idea what I am going to make for this KAL.
I will start knitting on it soon.