Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hooked on Anne

Alright you guys. You now have me hooked on Anne again. I listened to Annie Coleman read me Anne of Green Gables and I got so hooked on her voice that I went to Librivox, and then her website to see what else she had recorded. I also downloaded Anne of Avonlea. Then I was at the library Sunday and found the two VHS set of Anne of Green Gables with Colleen Dewhurst and brought that home and watched with only one interruption. Of course, now I will be looking for the other videos as well. What I loved about listening to Annie Coleman was that I could at least knit along at the same time, and not get any further behind on my knitting schedule. I have 4 girls and besides Christmas, two of them have birthdays coming up before Christmas. I worked on my pale green Ribbed Lace Bolero which is a gift. I love this pattern by Kelly Maher. I finished a purple one and now I am doing this one in Tesoro 100% wool. It is so soft and I thought the green was appropriate for my Anne knitting.


Anita said...

I like the look of your pattern. Where can I see what one looks like finished and where would I order one? Sounds like you will be very busy knitting for Christmas.


Donura said...

Thanks. You should be able to put your cursor over the name Kelly Maher and go to her site to see the completed shrug. I have not taken pictures of mine yet since they are gifts but I will post them in Ravelry when they have been received.

Paula said...

Love the color. It looks great!

Thank you for mentioning Librivox. What a wonderful site. I've started working out at a gym and am bored out of my mind on the elliptical machine. Reading a book doesn't work because I'm moving too much. I can't wait to get an MP-3 player and download some readings from this site to keep me sane.

Donura said...

Make sure you check out Annie Coleman, and also Brenda Dayne recorded The Age of Innocence. It is worth listening to a chapter if you are not familiar with reader to make sure you can listen to them.