Monday, October 1, 2007

Hello, and a Project

Hello! I'm Amy in Rhode Island. Like many other people, I met Anne as a child, when I read and re-read the books, always feeling old and sad at the end of them, like I'd watched a good friend grow up and move on. Luckily, I could start over at book one as many times as I liked. I haven't read the books in quite a while, so I'm looking forward to reading them again now. Since I received a digital listen-y thingy for my birthday, I downloaded the first book so I can listen while I knit. (Not tonight, though. For I am also a devoted NE Patriots fan, and they are on Monday Night Football...)

This is a picture of some Malabrigo I purchased (on sale, even!) with the idea of making my husband a scarf for Christmas. I think this is a fitting Anne KAL project. The color works, for one thing (it's darker than it seems in this picture), but mainly, because it's for my husband. Let's say he's my Gilbert, although the parallel doesn't fit completely. But we were friends for four years before we became a couple, and he is still my best friend, and I feel so lucky and grateful to have married him. And you know what? I didn't want a diamond engagement ring. I preferred a sapphire. While sapphire is my birthstone, I know also that I was influenced by Anne's opinion of diamonds, too.

I also plan to make some socks as part of this KAL...but I'm starting swatching for this scarf first. Off to look at stitch dictionaries to find some patterns to try... and I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else is working on.


Heatherly said...

my ring was a sapphire. B.B.B. jewelers told me i couldnt have a sapphire engagement ring. guess they didn't know princess Di did too.

amy said...

I was told I couldn't have an emerald cut one (and yet, I do!). Who makes up these silly rules? :-)

meg said...

I think that is very sweet & romantic, making something for your "Gilbert"