Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Project update

I just realized today that it's almost the end of October and the first two books! I finished the first two last weekend, so I'm a bit ahead of schedule on that, but I think I may be falling behind next month--I have so much stuff due for my classes! But I'm excited to be rereading them again--I think I have read these books so many times I might know parts of them by heart.

I've been plugging away on my Anne top, the front is probably 2/3 done right now. I posted a (bad) photo this morning over on my blog--I've decided I need to put together a lightbox this weekend so hopefully soon I will be wowing you all with nice looking photos of my Anne WIP:) I'm still trying to figure out how much puffing I want in the sleeves, those photos a post or two down are probably a little more puff than I could pull off, but I do want a little puff, so I think I'll be playing around with that soon.

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Anita said...


I like what you have done so far and really like the color. Looking forward to seeing what it looks like when done.