Monday, October 1, 2007

Ohhhhh....I do enjoy reading this book again. Thank you once again for starting this KAL, and giving me an oppurtunity to have this pleasure again;) I`ve only just started, but I`ve already smiled, laughed and felt a drop of sadness! These books have it all. I could not find my own book of "Anne fra Bjørkely" (Anne of Green Gables) and had to visit the library. This edition is from 1985. Ithink they`ve been editioned at least 6 times in Norway. For the first time in 1918. I am only able to find 5 books about Anne in Norwegian. I hope the complete the story, or else I`ll have to get books in english from somewhere. I do like reading english too;) So far I only have a few ideas for knitting projects, but I haven`t decided yet. I have to read some more.
Greetings from Tussilago in Northern Norway

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