Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Newfoundland Mitten

Well here is my latest finished project, The Newfie Mitt. This is a very popular mitten here in Atlantic Canada. The pattern is free online .
To prevent the contrast color purl bumps from showing, I added one knit row before the two purl rows, using the main coloured yarn. It worked out well. This is a fast knit and not as complicated as it looks. It makes a great Christmas gift too!

As for my reading well I'm still waiting for the library to find me a copy, who would have thought that here on PEI there would be such a demand for this book!


Susan C said...

Good job! The mittens look like they will keep your hands nice & warm.

Paula said...

I love the mittens. They look very warm and cozy. That is definitely a pattern I will try soon.