Thursday, November 15, 2007

Enjoying revisiting

I have to say i am just loving re-reading my favorite books. The other day i was sitting and I realized I would have never have even picked up Anne if my aunt had not given it to me when I was sick one summer and could not spend the time outside playing. In the tradition of passing it on. When hubby and I go to a concert this weekend, where they are requesting toys for the kids at a local childrens hospital for christmas I am going to give a new copy of Anne. Maybe we can turn another little girl onto a wonderful story. I hope that some of you may join me in this little pet project. Pay the Anne forward! :)

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Tussilago said...

I`ll join you! A wonderful idea!! I don`t remember how I got my first Anne-book, but my parents always gave me books..mostly as what they called "a saturday present". I suppose it was as a comfort for me as my family had a flower shop, and had to be at work..and I had to join them at work whenever there wasn`t anything else planned. But that gave me the interest for books, even if I`m more of a person who don`t sitt still long enough to read a whole book.
Your idea..x-mas is comming up..and I`ll give away Anne books to two girls in that right age.I know I`ll have to read to one of them, but that`ll be a bonus for me;)