Saturday, November 17, 2007

"Complete text"

I've just had a really weird experience. I read all the Anne books (at least twice) as a child and remembered them pretty well, I thought. So in reading Anne of Ingleside (while knitting socks, I do promise I'm knitting too) this weekend I was really thrown when I came across several passages I swear I'd never seen before. I looked in the front (I have a New Canadian Library paperback) and it says "contains the complete text of the original hardback edition" ... so does that mean that the hardback edition I scrounged from a used bookstore in the late 1970s was abridged? And why on earth would any publisher have done such a thing to this book of all books? I need to know, as Davy might say.


marit said...

You're not the only one excperiencing this...only I didn't know until I read a review/survey of the books. Apparently the books where shortened when translated into Norwegian, because some passages might no be appropiate to young norwegian ears!!!The author of the article pointed out the selection of a new vicar in the first book-which is not in the Norwegian translation!

Bets said...

yes, anne of ingleside was definitely abridged in some of the paperback editions. i've found it really helpful to compare to the gutenberg etexts online (which are, to my knowledge, the originals).

rilla of ingleside also had certain passages edited out. i have them on my website:

where did you find the article online that tops about the omissions? i'd love to know.