Friday, November 9, 2007

progress update

Clapotis scarf
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I finished Anne of the Island last night at 1am. I couldn;t put it down until she realized that she loved Gilbert. *sigh* There were a couple things that kept bothering me throughout the book. I really don't know why. One was Davy constantly asking questions and saying "I need to know." Reminded me a bit Tom Riddle when he was asking Dumbledore questions in Harry Potter. ( sorry, I am a bit pf a Potterhead.)
Also, the way Paul always calls his mom, his "little mother". This was more so in Anne of Avonlea, but had to mention.

Anyway, on to the next book.

The Clapotis is coming along nicely. I frogged the first attempt and started over to make it a little less wide. It is now the perfect scarf width. It is a bit camo, but I like it.


Donura said...

The clapotis is lovely. The more I see this pattern done in variegated the more I want to make one.

Susan C said...

Love the colors in the yarn.