Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My progress

A previous poster said she was reading along but not knitting, I'm knitting along but not reading. I'm in one of my last quarters in graduate school and I'm afraid my coursework precludes any recreational reading right now. I intend to catch up in December when everything's handed in. I read quickly and will be able to catch up without too much difficulty. I've also promised to read my daughter Anne of Avonlea in December. So I'll read with you then!

In the mean time, I'm working hard on a shawl. I feel like shawls are very period-appropriate pieces. This one is for my mother, who also loves Anne and LM Montgomery, and shared her love of books with me. This is the candle flame shawl from Knitpicks. The yarn is also from Knitpicks, and it's a deliciously springy merino lace weight.

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Susan C said...

Looks good. I love the color but then blues & greens are some of my favorite colors.