Friday, November 2, 2007


Well, my first project for the KAL was a dismal failure! And, no, it was not operator error :-)
I followed the directions to the letter (I always do the first time I try a pattern), with one small substitution, because the fun fur called for isn't available any longer; the muff came out way too long, very narrow around (that can be stretched), the wool yarn felted unevenly, & the novelty yarn started to unravel :-(
I'm chalking this one up as a loss & starting a new project; I'm going to make some narrow lace trim. My inspiration was from the first book, when Sophie Sloane offered "to teach her (Anne) a perfectly elegant new pattern of knit lace, so nice for trimming aprons" I make & collect aprons, so I'm going to make a few lengths of red trim to add to my new ones.
I'm nearly half way through "Anne of the Island" (having started a tad early- I was home sick a couple of days & just had to read something); hope you all have a lovely weekend.

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