Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Picked a project, I think

I'm already knitting one shawl and a capelet, but they are both out of fancy, fuzzy yarn (Ok, for the curious - Classic Elite Phoenix for the shawl and Knitpicks Suri Dreams and Rowan Harris Tweed DK knit held together for the capelet) so I didn't think that they captured the spirit of Anne of Green Gables' time period - and then I found this pattern

Which just screams Anne! Anne! Anne!! So, I'm going to go off to the yarn store tomorrow to see what I can find...

I've just started the third book (I've been doing more knitting than reading!) and I'm enjoying them very much. I too, like the parts that they have left out of the movies, like Miss Lavendar. She'd be a fun person to knit for. I especially liked Ginger the parrot because I have one just like him!

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