Monday, November 5, 2007


Reading and knitting... I picked up the books at the library, and read straight through them, and THEN I slowed down and started reading out loud to my daughters. I love the books! In Norwegian they are called "Anne fra Bjørkely". The books are:
Anne fra Bjørkely (Anne of Green Gables),
Anne som frøken (Anne of Avonlea),
Anne drar fra Bjørkely( Anne of the Island),
Annes drømmehjem (Anne's House of Dreams),
Anne og Regnbuedalen (Rainbow Valley),
Anne og Marilla (Rilla of Ingleside).

The towel, on the other hand, is not finished...

ETA: I haven't seen the books "Anne of Windy Poplar" or "Anne of Ingleside" in Norwegian.

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