Sunday, September 30, 2007

So excited!

I am so looking forward to diving in to Anne of Green Gables again, for the first time in 25 years. I still have the set of books I read when I was 11, including two which were passed down to me from my mom - her copies from when she was 11.

There's her name, in my late grandmother's hand, dated Christmas 1952. (I blogged about these books and my first experiences with Anne here). Big thanks to Amy, for pointing me over here after that post. I'm looking forward to reading along and knitting along!


Pam said...

How special to have those! I too haven't read them since I was 11/12.

Jodi said...

Those are a real treasure to have! I inherited my grandmother's copy of the complete works of Jane Austen that her parents gave her as a confirmation gift, and it's one of my most precious possessions.

Anonymous said...

Very sweet! I think this KAL is going to be filled with stories just like yours. Thanks for sharing.