Friday, September 7, 2007


Hello Anne-friends!

I found your sister group on Ravelry and was excited to discover you. Lucy Maud Montgomery was a prominent figure in literature during my growing years, both because my mother loved her books and because she's Canadian. (I've been living in the States in recent years and have been surprised that Anne isn't nearly as prominent a figure to people here.) My sister read me Anne of Green Gables when I was a little girl, and I read all the Anne books as I got older.

I've read Anne of Green Gables to my kids, and my 9 year old daughter is now reading Anne of Avonlea to herself. My 12 year old son will listen if it's being read aloud, but is too busy reading fantasy novels and being a boy to actually read them himself.

I've made a redheaded dolly that we named Anne, but we gave her a distinct personality. I have thought about making vintage Anne clothes for her, and perhaps that's something I'll do as part of the knit-along. You can meet Anne here.

happy knitting!

PS If you're interested, I blogged about how Rilla was responsible for me knitting for Socks for Soldiers last February.

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