Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mikaiya's intro

Hello, folks! I am so excited to join this knitalong. It's high time I reread the books (since I do own just about every one of LMM's novels- they're just sitting collecting dust at the moment).

I'm not sure if this specific link is in suggested links, but it may be of use for finding "authentic" period patterns, should you be in need: Antique Pattern Library. They have pdfs of books that are out of copyright, thanks to a dedicated group of people who have scanned them and verified the copyrights. In particular, they have some great military patterns from WWI and some lovely crocheted and knitted tablecloth ideas.

Am I crazy for wanting to make a tablecloth or counterpane?

See you October 1!


Knitika said...

What a cool link! Thanks for posting. A tablecloth or counterpane sounds like a lot of work, (me being a sock knitter) but so authentic. :)

meg said...

Very interesting link; I've been wanting to do some Victorian period small knitting for my docent work at a house museum. I'm with knitka- I go for the small projects, but greatly admire those who do the big things!

Tussilago said...

Thank you for starting this KAL....
now I`ll be looking around for some ideas for things to make;))

Greetings from Norway