Friday, December 28, 2007

How is everyone doing on the KAL?

Just to get some discussion going here I would like to know where others are in the reading/knitting process for our KAL. I got a little bogged down in Anne of Windy Poplars so I took it back to the library for a bit and will resume later. I know what I will make for the KAL project but I took time out to knit for Christmas presents. How is everyone else doing on the reading? Did others find Anne of Windy Poplars a bit slow going? I just checked the movies out from the library and plan to watch them over the weekend.


teabird said...

I just started Anne of the Island. Yes, I'm a little slow, but I am enjoying the read immensely.

I'm still working on a lacy scarf for Anne, but it's not the vine lace pattern any more - it's something that shows the variegation better. I'll post it when I feel confident enough that I'll get through it... And I still want to make mittens!

Bridget said...

Yikes! I've still only read the first two books, and not started a project yet.

Having said that, now that my Christmas rush to get presents sent out is over, I should be able to do some serious knitting and reading!

meg said...

Well, I'm on schedule with the books (more or less) being about 2/3 thru "Anne of Ingleside", but KAL projects have been put aside with the holiday rush. I have about 8 inches of unblocked lace edging, waiting to be finished up, & will be casting on for bandages (see post for 12/19) & for some mittens- red & cabled- just the sort of thing for an "Anne" lover.

Susan C said...

I like Anne of Windy Poplars but I have found myself bogged down by Anne of Ingleside. I'm halfway through it but it's been put aside as I've found myself reading some of my new books. I really need to finish it!