Friday, April 25, 2008

Anyone Still Out There?

Guess what? I finally finished my Anne project! Here are, at long long last, Anne's Lacy Diamante Socks:


I'm calling them Anne's because Anne thought diamonds were purple.

The yarn: Bare by KnitPicks, dyed by Celena, received in a swap. Most excellent dye job, Celena!
The original pattern: Diamante by Deb Barnhill via Knitty.
Modifications: Used a figure-8 cast on. Did yarn-overs instead of make1s for a lacier look. I like that they are just a little lacy. I also knit them with 5 dpns instead of two circulars. I can see where 2 circs would be easier for this pattern, but it worked out.

So, I think I'm the last one to finish. Anyone else out there want to 'fess up? :)